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      What is a Component?

      A software component is a web service, software package, or module that contains a set of interrelated functions. Components are typically used in front-end frameworks like React and Svelte.

      In component-based software engineering, components are used to separate different functions within an application, upholding the separation of concerns and reusability approach of this form of engineering.

      To learn more about components, follow our tutorial to implement a component in a React project, How to Implement a Modal Component in React.

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      What is nginx?

      Nginx, pronounced engine-x, is an open source web server used for serving static or dynamic websites, reverse proxying, load balancing, and other HTTP and proxy server capabilities.

      Created in 2004 by Igor Sysoev to handle large amounts of concurrent connections, Nginx is a popular web server used to host some of the largest and most high-traffic sites on the internet.

      To learn more about Nginx, visit our comprehensive list of resources related to Nginx.

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      What is an Operating System?

      An operating system is system software that handles computer memory, software and hardware resources, and processes, while providing common services and programming interfaces for computer programs. Examples of popular operating systems include WindowsOS, MacOS, and Linux.

      Aside from firmware, all computer programs require an operating system to function, and they are typically preloaded on new computers. Each operating system has a different user interface, or UI, that allows users to interact with their computer.

      To learn more, here’s some operating system specific resources, including a comprehensive list of resources for Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux.

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