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      Building the Roadmap to Customer Value: Quarterly Planning Done Right


      About the Talk

      Does your quarterly planning process look like a to-do list rather than a strategy to drive your business forward? Explore tools that help you build customer value and reach product-market fit while including everyone on your team.

      What You’ll Learn

      • Reducing the need for multiple rounds of planning meetings
      • Providing a level playing field for remote and in-office employees
      • Getting varied perspective and ideas
      • Encouraging inclusivity
      • Reducing blind spots
      • Aligning the team
      • Making planning fun. Yes, fun!



      Setting your vision using a vision-based framework

      Good Strategy/Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt

      Miro, a whiteboarding tool

      Project Poster Template and Examples, via Atlassian Team Playbook

      Roles and Responsibilities “Play”, via Atlassian Team Playbook

      Atlassian Team Playbook


      Antonio Rosales (@a_webtone) and John Gannon (@johnmgannon) have worked together on the DigitalOcean Marketplace as an Engineering Manager/Product Manager tandem from inception through its scale-up beyond 150+ open source and commercial apps.

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