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      What is Snap?

      Snap is an application packaging and deployment system for Linux-based operating systems. Snap includes powerful sandboxing and security features, such as file system isolation, automatic updates, and integrated dependency management.

      Snap applications, known as snaps, can be downloaded and installed using a command-line program, similar to other package management systems like APT or YUM.

      For more about snap, you can follow our guide on How To Package and Publish a Snap Application on Ubuntu 18.04.

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      What is MEAN?

      MEAN is a free and open-source set of technologies for creating dynamic websites and web applications with JavaScript.

      The term MEAN is an acronym that represents the configuration of a MongoDB database serving an Express.js web application framework, using AngularJS on the client side with Node.js for application runtime.

      To learn more about using the MEAN stack, visit our complete list of resources relating to MEAN.

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      What is a Component?

      A software component is a web service, software package, or module that contains a set of interrelated functions. Components are typically used in front-end frameworks like React and Svelte.

      In component-based software engineering, components are used to separate different functions within an application, upholding the separation of concerns and reusability approach of this form of engineering.

      To learn more about components, follow our tutorial to implement a component in a React project, How to Implement a Modal Component in React.

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