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      Microsoft Office 2010 Forums

      Microsoft Office 2010 Forums was created to provide all Office 2010 users a simple and clean website to search for every day solutions. As an early tester of Office 2010 I was so impressed with the new product that I decided to develop this site for the thousands, if not millions of new users of this great product. I am hoping that this website provides each of you a unique experience and provides you the answers that you are looking for.

      It will take time to build the user base and the solution set to our website. During this build out, please encourage your friends, family and co-workers to use this site (or list the URL) as place to post questions, present solutions, blog thoughts and brainstorm answers. As the site administrator we will work expeditiously to best answer and research all the threads, topics and new posts that are posted to Microsoft Office 2010 Forums.