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      Creating the Top Section of Your Homepage With HTML

      Part of the Series:
      How To Build a Website With HTML

      This tutorial series will guide you through creating and further customizing this website using HTML, the standard markup language used to display documents in a web browser. No prior coding experience is necessary but we recommend you start at the beginning of the series if you wish to recreate the demonstration website.

      At the end of this series, you should have a website ready to deploy to the cloud and a basic familiarity with HTML. Knowing how to write HTML will provide a strong foundation for learning additional front-end web development skills, such as CSS and JavaScript.

      We will now begin adding content by replicating the top section of the demonstration website.

      Top section of demonstration website

      This top section is composed of a large background image, a small profile image, a text header, a text subheader, and a link. Each of these pieces of content are styled and positioned with HTML.

      In the remaining tutorials of this series, we’ll learn how to use HTML to recreate this content on a new webpage.

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