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      The Flagship Series: INAP Dallas Data Centers

      Dallas is one of the top three data center markets in the U.S., coming in third just behind Northern Virginia and Phoenix for net absorption rates in 2018[i]. And with favorable business taxes, low power costs, low risk for disasters and the availability of trained professionals, it’s no wonder why this market is so popular.

      The major industries in Dallas include Defense, Finance, Information Technology, Data, Telecommunications and Transportation, and are  driving the growth seen in the data center space.. According to JLL, enterprise transactions primarily make up the demand , especially as more companies shift their workloads to off-premise multi-tenant data centers. However, there is chatter that hyperscalers are eyeing the area, and this is something experts are watching closely.

      Dallas has also become a destination market as enterprise demand moves out of more expensive markets. It’s appealing to companies looking to be centrally located, and Data Center Hawk notes that the affordable real estate prices and tax incentives are a draw.

      CBRE notes that, with the growth and absorption seen in Dallas, the land market for data centers is becoming much more competitive, and it’s anticipated that demand will continue to grow as “AI, automation, IoT, 5G, cloud, gaming and automotive advances” drive new technology requirements.

      Considering Dallas for a colocation, network or cloud solution? There are several reasons why we’re confident you’ll call INAP your future partner in this strong and growing market.

      Get the Best of the Dallas Data Center Market with INAP

      Ideal for high-density colocation, INAP’s Dallas Data Centers are strategically positioned to leverage the benefits of the region and to offer customers the connectivity they desire. Our flagship, located in Plano, is connected to our downtown data center and POP on a private fiber ring. Customers also have the benefit of connection to all our U.S. POPs and direct connections on our high-performance backbone to to Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

      Latency benchmarks on the backbone connection from Dallas:

      • Atlanta: Under 21ms
      • Washington, D.C.: Under 33ms
      • Chicago (using CHG): Under 26ms
      • Silicon Valley (using Santa Clara): Under 40ms
      • Los Angeles (using LAX): Under 35ms
      • Phoenix: Under 29ms

      You can rest assured that your data and equipment will be secure in our data centers, with Tier 3 compliant attributes, 24/7/365 onsite personnel and 24/7/365 NOC and onsite engineers with remote hands available. The Dallas data centers are also located outside of flood plain and seismic zones.

      At a glance, our Dallas Data Centers feature:

      • Power: 5 MW of power capacity, 20+ kW per cabinet
      • Space: Over 110,000 square feet of leased space with capacity for 72,000 square feet of raised floor
      • Facilities: Tier 3 compliant attributes, located outside of flood plain and seismic zones
      • Energy Efficient Cooling: 1,500 tons of cooling capacity, N+1 with concurrent maintainability
      • Security: 24/7/365 onsite staff, video surveillance, key card and biometric authentication
      • Compliance: PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, LEED Green Globes and ENERGY STAR

      Download the Dallas Data Center spec sheet here [PDF].

      On top of the features at both Dallas-area data centers, our Flagship Data Center in Plano features:

      • 2 individual utility feeds each from a separate distribution stations on a priority Hospital utility grid
      • 2 diverse independent fiber feeds with 4 fiber vaults into the facility with 2 Meet Me Rooms
      • Suited for deployments of 250kw and up
      • Metro Connect fiber enables high performance connectivity in metro market

      Download the spec sheet for our flagship in Plano, Texas, here [PDF].

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      Connect with INAP, Connect with the World

      By joining us in our Dallas data centers, you join INAP’s global network, which includes more than 600,000 square feet of leasable data center space and is woven together by our high-performance network backbone and route optimization engine. Our high-capacity network backbone and one-of-a-kind, latency-killing Performance IP® solution is available to all customers, including those in our Dallas data centers. Once you’re plugged into the INAP network, you don’t have to do anything to see the difference.

      Across INAP’s extensive network, our proprietary Performance IP® technology makes a daily average of 1.1 million optimizations per Point of Presence. It automatically puts your outbound traffic on the best-performing route. With INAP’s network, you never have to choose between reliability, connectivity and speed. Learn more about Performance IP® by checking out the video below or test out the solution for yourself by running a destination test.


      Dallas is also one of the metro areas in INAP’s network that benefits from Metro Connect, which helps you avoid single points of failure on our high-capacity metro network rings. Metro Connect provides multiple points of egress for your traffic and is Performance IP® enabled. Metro rings are built on dark fiber and use state-of-the-art networking gear.

      [i] DFW Ranks as Second Largest Data Center Market After 53 MW Added to Inventory in 2018, CBRE

      Explore INAP’s Global Network.


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      Save with INAP Phoenix Data Centers and Arizona Tax Exemptions

      With its low risk of natural disasters, low energy costs and business-friendly policies, Phoenix, Ariz., has emerged as one of the fastest-growing data center markets in the U.S.

      The boom is fueled in-part by the state of Arizona’s aggressive tax incentives available through its Computer Data Center Program, which encourages data center operation and expansion. Administered by the Arizona Commerce Authority and Arizona Department of Revenue, the program offers Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) and Use Tax exemptions at the state, county and local levels on purchases of qualified computer data center equipment delivered to and installed at a qualified facility.

      For large-scale new deployments, this equates to millions in potential savings.

      INAP is pleased to share that we’ve qualified for the 20-year tax exemption, meaning that new colocation customers can take advantage of these benefits at our Phoenix flagship data center.

      Chat Now or download our Info Brief to learn more about how you can benefit.

      Dan Beers
      • VP, Colo BU Operations Services


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      The Flagship Series: INAP Los Angeles Data Centers

      The Los Angeles data center market is in high demand. Facilities in the second-largest U.S. metro area provide important points of interconnection to data centers in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Silicon Valley, and are vital to supporting the needs of the entertainment, technology, aerospace and biomedical industries.

      To manage colocation environments and reduce latency for end users, data center customers want to be close to their infrastructure and thus are increasingly in search of centrally located real estate. What’s more, L.A. is a key network gateway to Asia Pacific users, boasting some of the most interconnected internet exchange points in the world.

      High demand, however, has resulted in capacity constraints. The L.A. data center market is seeing low vacancy rates and limited construction of new data center space, with only 9.0 MW under construction and only 6.0 MW planned at the end of 2018, according to a recent report from JLL. In comparison, nearby data center hub Phoenix saw 45.0 MW of new space, with 299.8 MW planned. Northern California saw 42.0 MW under construction over this same time period.

      One reason for the limited capacity is the cost of power, partially due to older grids. In markets seeing booming data center growth, energy costs are often half of what customers will see in the L.A. area. However, that desire to be close to the infrastructure, as well as to key network exchanges, will be enough to drive demand for the foreseeable future.

      When deploying in a competitive market like Los Angeles, enterprises must make the most of their data center investment by choosing a provider that can effectively meet unique performance needs and provide an energy efficient environment.

      Considering Los Angeles for a colocation, network or cloud solution? There are several reasons why we’re confident you’ll call INAP your future partner in this competitive market.

      INAP L.A. Data Centers Deliver High-Performance, High-Efficiency Colocation and Network Solutions

      INAP has six data centers and points of presence in the Los Angeles metro area, with our flagship facility located in Redondo Beach at 3690 Redondo Beach Avenue.

      The 105,000 square-foot flagship data center is designed with Tier 3 compliant attributes and offers high-density configurations including cages, cabinets and suites. Each rack offers high power density of 20 kW or more.

      INAP’s L.A. locations connect to Dallas, Phoenix and Silicon Valley through our high-capacity private fiber backbone. The INAP Performance IP® and Connectivity Solutions product suite provides high availability and scalable connectivity services across our global network. Customers can build the high-performance network their applications and users demand.

      The flagship also includes the following features:

      • Power and Space: 4 MW of utility power, 36-inch raised floor, fully integrated critical infrastructure monitoring
      • Facilities: Break rooms, meeting rooms, onsite engineers with remote hands
      • Energy Efficient Cooling: 300 tons of cooling capacity and N+1 with concurrent maintainability
      • Security: 24/7/365 onsite staff, video surveillance, key card and biometric authentication
      • Network: INAP Performance IP® and Connectivity Solutions
      • Compliance: SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Green Globes

      Our recently announced expansion to this data center will offer additional benefits to customers and more space in a market hungry for it.

      Redondo Beach Data Center Expansion

      “Driven by high demand and capacity constraints in the L.A. market, we have seen accelerated growth in our L.A. Flagship dating back to the end of 2017,” said Andrew Day, Chief Operating Officer of INAP. “The expansion illustrates INAP’s unique ability to provide comprehensive, high-performance data center, cloud and network solutions.”

      The data center expansion will begin with a build-out of an additional 12,000 square feet of sellable space. After the build-out, the following phases will add modular infrastructure deployments contingent on customer loads. The expanded facility will use efficient mechanical design combined with an optimized UPS deployment. Total critical power capacity will increase from 1.4 MW to 3.2 MW to support new customer deployments and existing customer growth.

      To help address the cost of power, energy efficiency is of the utmost importance. The expansion to the Redondo Beach  facility will increase energy efficiency to 1.3 PEU effectiveness, a level above the national average of 1.67.

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      Spend Portability Meets Changing User Demands

      Organizations need the ability to be agile as their needs change. With INAP Interchange, there’s no need to worry about getting locked into a long-term infrastructure solution that might not be the right fit years down the road.

      There are a variety of business cases for Interchange, including a move from a colocation facility to a bare metal or private cloud environment, or a re-deploy of applications to a new hosted environment. Geographic flexibility is a common reason for a tactical shift. For example, a company based in an INAP data center in L.A. may see an increase for demand in its SaaS solution in in the Southeastern U.S. To be closer to its customers, the company can shift to a custom-engineered solution in one of INAP’s two Flagship data centers in Atlanta.

      Colocation, Bare Metal and Private Cloud solutions are eligible for Interchange. The program allows customers to exchange infrastructure environments a year (or later) into their contract so that they can focus on current-state IT needs while knowing they will be able to adapt for future-state realities.  

      You can learn more about the INAP Interchange by downloading the FAQ.

      Laura Vietmeyer


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