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      The Flagship Series: INAP Dallas Data Centers

      Dallas is one of the top three data center markets in the U.S., coming in third just behind Northern Virginia and Phoenix for net absorption rates in 2018[i]. And with favorable business taxes, low power costs, low risk for disasters and the availability of trained professionals, it’s no wonder why this market is so popular.

      The major industries in Dallas include Defense, Finance, Information Technology, Data, Telecommunications and Transportation, and are  driving the growth seen in the data center space.. According to JLL, enterprise transactions primarily make up the demand , especially as more companies shift their workloads to off-premise multi-tenant data centers. However, there is chatter that hyperscalers are eyeing the area, and this is something experts are watching closely.

      Dallas has also become a destination market as enterprise demand moves out of more expensive markets. It’s appealing to companies looking to be centrally located, and Data Center Hawk notes that the affordable real estate prices and tax incentives are a draw.

      CBRE notes that, with the growth and absorption seen in Dallas, the land market for data centers is becoming much more competitive, and it’s anticipated that demand will continue to grow as “AI, automation, IoT, 5G, cloud, gaming and automotive advances” drive new technology requirements.

      Considering Dallas for a colocation, network or cloud solution? There are several reasons why we’re confident you’ll call INAP your future partner in this strong and growing market.

      Get the Best of the Dallas Data Center Market with INAP

      Ideal for high-density colocation, INAP’s Dallas Data Centers are strategically positioned to leverage the benefits of the region and to offer customers the connectivity they desire. Our flagship, located in Plano, is connected to our downtown data center and POP on a private fiber ring. Customers also have the benefit of connection to all our U.S. POPs and direct connections on our high-performance backbone to to Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

      Latency benchmarks on the backbone connection from Dallas:

      • Atlanta: Under 21ms
      • Washington, D.C.: Under 33ms
      • Chicago (using CHG): Under 26ms
      • Silicon Valley (using Santa Clara): Under 40ms
      • Los Angeles (using LAX): Under 35ms
      • Phoenix: Under 29ms

      You can rest assured that your data and equipment will be secure in our data centers, with Tier 3 compliant attributes, 24/7/365 onsite personnel and 24/7/365 NOC and onsite engineers with remote hands available. The Dallas data centers are also located outside of flood plain and seismic zones.

      At a glance, our Dallas Data Centers feature:

      • Power: 5 MW of power capacity, 20+ kW per cabinet
      • Space: Over 110,000 square feet of leased space with capacity for 72,000 square feet of raised floor
      • Facilities: Tier 3 compliant attributes, located outside of flood plain and seismic zones
      • Energy Efficient Cooling: 1,500 tons of cooling capacity, N+1 with concurrent maintainability
      • Security: 24/7/365 onsite staff, video surveillance, key card and biometric authentication
      • Compliance: PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, LEED Green Globes and ENERGY STAR

      Download the Dallas Data Center spec sheet here [PDF].

      On top of the features at both Dallas-area data centers, our Flagship Data Center in Plano features:

      • 2 individual utility feeds each from a separate distribution stations on a priority Hospital utility grid
      • 2 diverse independent fiber feeds with 4 fiber vaults into the facility with 2 Meet Me Rooms
      • Suited for deployments of 250kw and up
      • Metro Connect fiber enables high performance connectivity in metro market

      Download the spec sheet for our flagship in Plano, Texas, here [PDF].

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      Connect with INAP, Connect with the World

      By joining us in our Dallas data centers, you join INAP’s global network, which includes more than 600,000 square feet of leasable data center space and is woven together by our high-performance network backbone and route optimization engine. Our high-capacity network backbone and one-of-a-kind, latency-killing Performance IP® solution is available to all customers, including those in our Dallas data centers. Once you’re plugged into the INAP network, you don’t have to do anything to see the difference.

      Across INAP’s extensive network, our proprietary Performance IP® technology makes a daily average of 1.1 million optimizations per Point of Presence. It automatically puts your outbound traffic on the best-performing route. With INAP’s network, you never have to choose between reliability, connectivity and speed. Learn more about Performance IP® by checking out the video below or test out the solution for yourself by running a destination test.


      Dallas is also one of the metro areas in INAP’s network that benefits from Metro Connect, which helps you avoid single points of failure on our high-capacity metro network rings. Metro Connect provides multiple points of egress for your traffic and is Performance IP® enabled. Metro rings are built on dark fiber and use state-of-the-art networking gear.

      [i] DFW Ranks as Second Largest Data Center Market After 53 MW Added to Inventory in 2018, CBRE

      Explore INAP’s Global Network.


      Laura Vietmeyer


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      INAP Executive Spotlight: TJ Waldorf, CMO—Head of Inside Sales and Customer Success

      In the INAP Executive Spotlight series, we interview senior leaders across the organization, hearing candid reflections about their careers, the mentors who shaped them and big lessons learned along the way.TJ Waldorf

      Next in the series is TJ Waldorf, CMO and Head of Inside Sales and Customer Success. Prior to this role, he served as Vice President of Global Marketing at INAP and Vice President of Inside Sales and Marketing at SingleHop, which was acquired by INAP in 2018.

      In our conversation, Waldorf discussed what excites him about the INAP brand, how he got to where he is today after initially pursuing an early career in graphic design and the importance of mentorship. Read on to learn about these topics and more.

      The interview has been lightly edited for clarity and length.

      Tell us how you got into sales and marketing. What inspired you to pursue these areas of business?

      It’s funny when I think on this, because I distinctly remember telling myself that I’d never be a salesperson. Back when I was a teen, I viewed sales as the proverbial snake oil salesman tricking people into buying things they didn’t need. I originally aspired to be a graphic designer and earned a degree in design and visual communications. I always loved drawing and creating. I got that from my mom. But as I progressed into my early 20s and my first real job, I realized sales (and marketing) are about service. We are serving the needs of people and businesses. That was something I could really get behind.

      What excites you most about the INAP brand as it stands today?

      In November, we’ll celebrate the one-year anniversary of our refreshed brand identity and direction: Performance for Your Purpose. At the most basic level, we’re in the data center and cloud services space, yet what we’re doing is providing the foundation for our customers to deliver their services to their customers and deliver on their purpose and mission.

      If we’re not operating optimally, there’s a very distinct domino effect. Have you ever tried accessing a website or an application and found it was unavailable or moving very slowly? We all have. In some cases, that’s because the underlying infrastructure is not working properly, or there are issues at the application level. At INAP, we promise high performance, reliable service and an exceptional customer experience. When we deliver on these promises, our customers get to deliver on their promises. That’s what gets me fired up and excited about the INAP brand. The impact we have on the services that power aspects of our everyday lives is incredibly exciting.

      You recently became CMO and have Inside Sales and Customer Success under your wing, along with Marketing. What are some changes or challenges you’re seeing in these areas of the business?

      I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to oversee these three teams and to view them through a singular lens of how we approach the end-to-end customer life cycle and experience. The addition of the Customer Success org makes logical sense given some of the similarities in the work they do relative to inside sales, and the significant marketing impact they have on overall customer experience. After all, the best marketing comes from word of mouth, so if we (marketing) can enable the customer success org to accelerate the chatter, we’re in a great spot.

      As far as challenges go—and this is not unique to INAP—we work in a very competitive space and must constantly prove our value to our customers. They have choices in the market, so it’s our job, collectively, to reinforce why they chose us to begin with and why it’s in their best interest to stay with us for the long term. It’s certainly not an easy job, but I think we have an opportunity keep improving on the great work these teams have done so far.

      Out of the qualities you possess, which do you think has had the greatest influence on your success? 

      Without a doubt, the first is my drive for lifelong learning. I’ve never operated in any role where I thought I knew everything there is to know, and I enjoy the process of learning and growing my knowledge about a topic. I’m never afraid to ask the potentially dumb question, because nine times out of ten, lots of others in the room have the same question.

      The other quality is finding great people to surround myself with, be it people I report to, people who report to me or mentors I’ve had over the years. There’s a saying that goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, to together.” I think about my career in that way. I have a great team here at INAP and see the momentum we’re building together.

      Who are the people that have mentored you or been role models? 

      How much time do we have? I cannot stress the importance of having a mentor or multiple mentors. You can learn things so much faster than without them. This has been critical for me, and I don’t think I’d be where I am today without these very important people in my life.

      My parents are truly are the foundation of who I am today. I’m trying to pass the values they shared down to my son. I’ve also had many great mentors throughout my career and find myself bringing new ones into the mix when new challenges or opportunities pop up. I have mentors that run the gamut from CEOs to CMOs, VCs to what usually gets referred to as ‘reverse mentors’—folks younger than me that can keep me plugged into what’s important for the next generation. I even find myself learning from my nine-year-old. Maybe he’s a mini-mentor.

      What advice would you give to someone pursuing sales or marketing in tech, specifically? 

      Remember that your job is to be in service of your customers and their objectives. This is something I learned from my dad. You’re helping them make educated decisions on how the services, tools or platforms you provide will best help them achieve their goals. For sales and marketing, especially in tech, it’s far too easy to get bogged down in features and functionality and forget why a solution was built to begin with. Stay focused on the problem you’re helping the customer solve and you’ll be miles ahead of your peers.

      What are some of the big lessons you’ve learned in your career?

      Being exceptional at hiring and retaining great people probably tops my list. When I first started as a manager, I thought I had to have all the answers and tell people exactly what to do. But I learned that hiring great people and enabling them to do what they do best makes work, and life, 10x more productive and easier. This lesson came the hard way through lots of trial and error. This points back to the old adage of work smarter not harder.

      What are your thoughts on work-life balance? Have your ideas changed over time?

      I once heard Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, refer to this as “work-life-harmony.” That stuck with me. It’s about harmonizing the work and life to achieve your personal objectives in both areas. I do think, however, that there is a time and place to completely unplug. I ebb and flow in this area. My wife and I are both working parents and we try to make sure we’re helping one another find that harmony. Work is such a large part of our life but it’s good to keep its purpose in perspective.

      Laura Vietmeyer


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      The Flagship Series: INAP Boston Data Center and POPs

      Boston, Massachusetts is one of America’s oldest cities and the largest city in New England. Beantown is known for many things, including Fenway Park, the Boston Marathon, the American Revolution. And … colocation data centers? Okay, fine—that last item might not make the cut of a Boston Trip Advisor list anytime soon, but the data center market in the nation’s tenth largest metro area is stacked with Tier 3 facilities offering high-performance colocation solutions.

      Home to some of the nation’s most prestigious universities, Boston is at the forefront of research and development in a number of growing industries. Software, biotech and health care industries also figure prominently in the area’s economy. When these institutions are looking to cut costs and improve operations by moving their infrastructures off-premise, what is the deciding factor in going with colocation in Boston, rather than cloud in New York or elsewhere? Cloud vs. colocation is a common debate when looking to move off-premise, and choosing to go with either—or both—is a decision to be made based on your applications and IT infrastructure model.

      For companies looking to reside in close proximity to their data, needing a top-tier facility and demanding full control and ownership of the infrastructure stack, colocation is and will remain a popular solution. And Boston colocation options meet the needs of the local industries.

      Wholesale providers competing in this area are also seeing demand from Big Data analytics and high-performance computing markets, according to a Data Center Frontier.

      Are you considering Boston colocation for an off-premise move or need an upgrade over your existing environment? There are several reasons why we’re confident you’ll call INAP your future partner in this market.

      INAP’s Presence in Boston and Beyond

      We offer two POPs on a fiber ring through the metro area that connect to our Boston flagship. The data center provides a backbone connection to New York, Chicago and Montreal through our private fiber. INAP’s data center is positioned to support the growth in research and development in the city and region.

      With INAP, you can expect more from your data center. Designed with Tier 3 compliant attributes, our Boston data center is concurrently maintainable and energy efficient, which is important in markets like Boston. We offer high-density configurations, including cages, cabinets and private suites, which are fully integrated with critical infrastructure monitoring.

      Our Boston-area flagship is strategically located 10 minutes from downtown and Logan International Airport, outside of flood plains and seismic zones to help give you extra peace of mind. You’ll also find NOC and onsite engineers 24/7/365, with remote hands available. They’re dedicated to keeping your infrastructure online, secure and always operating at peak efficiency.

      At a glance, our Boston Data Center features:

      • Power: 6 MW of power capacity, 20+ kW per cabinet
      • Space: Over 45,000 square feet of leased space with 28,000 square feet of raised floor
      • Facilities: Tier 3 compliant attributes, located outside of flood plain and seismic zones
      • Energy Efficient Cooling: 1,600 tons of cooling capacity, N+1 with concurrent maintainability
      • Security: 24/7/365 onsite staff, video surveillance, key card and biometric authentication
      • Compliance: PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II and annual independent compliance audits

      Download the Boston Center spec sheet here [PDF].

      CHAT NOW

      INAP’s Private Data Center Suites

      Boston is just one of INAP’s 11 locations offering Private Data Center Suites. Our private suites offer custom-built wholesale colocation solutions in Tier 3-design facilities. We support custom deployments of 250kW and up in state-of-the-art data centers equipped with redundant UPS and cooling infrastructure, advanced security features and premium amenities.

      These fully customizable colocation solutions provide access to INAP’s high-capacity network backbone and one-of-a-kind, latency-killing Performance IP® solution. Learn more about the INAP’s Private Data Center Suites here.

      INAP Interchange for Boston Colocation

      Considering Boston for colocation, but not sure where your future will take you? With INAP’s global footprint, which includes more than 600,000 square feet of leasable data center space, you’ll have access to data centers woven together by our high-performance network backbone and route optimization engine, ensuring your environment can connect everywhere, faster.

      With INAP Interchange, a spend portability program available to new colocation or cloud customers, you can switch infrastructure solutions—dollar for dollar—part-way through your contract. This will help you avoid environment lock-in and achieve current IT infrastructure goals while providing the flexibility to adapt for whatever comes next.

      INAP Colocation, Bare Metal and Private Cloud solutions are eligible for the Interchange program. Chat with us to learn more about these services, and how spend portability can benefit your infrastructure solution.

      Explore your options with INAP Interchange.


      Laura Vietmeyer


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