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      What is Multicloud? (VIDEO)

      Multicloud is quickly reshaping how organizations of all sizes approach application workload placement and infrastructure operations.

      It’s the result of a simple reality: No single cloud hosting provider can satisfy the complex compute and storage needs of an entire midsize or enterprise organization. So even if your company doesn’t have one yet, it will definitely need a refined multicloud strategy in short order.     

      In the second-season premiere of our tech chat, SingleHoppy Hour, I sit down with our very own TJ Waldorf, Vice President of Inside Sales and Marketing, and Morgan Martensen, Business Development Representative, to discuss the implications of the multicloud world for IT decision makers.

      Check it out:

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      • Why is “multicloud” a  trending topic and what is it, anyways? (0:34)
      • How to approach multicloud strategy (3:40)
      • Multicloud use case examples (5:40)
      • Navigating different providers feature sets (7:44)
      • Is fear of vendor lock-in driving multicloud? (8:40)
      • Cost optimization and multicloud (9:49)
      • Are IT teams trained on platforms like AWS? (12:15)
      • Is monitoring and infrastructure management software a silver bullet? (15:20)


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