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      Enhancing Your Brand With Video Editing Best Practices


      About the Talk

      You don’t need an enterprise-sized budget and team to do video marketing well. Using the footage you already have, video expert Adam Harder demonstrates editing, messaging, and publishing techniques to help build a brand identity that captures the attention of prospective customers.

      What You’ll Learn

      • How to apply a producer mentality to your video marketing strategy
      • Identifying which of your brand assets can be turned into video content
      • Delivering your video narrative correctly
      • Creating platform-appropriate content
      • Simple production tools that anyone can use




      Adam Harder is the Senior Video Operations Manager at DigitalOcean. Formerly a broadcast journalist for the U.S. Air Force, Adam has 10 years of production experience ranging from on-site news reporting to documentary filmmaking and video marketing. He leads the creative video strategy for the DigitalOcean marketing team and loves a good story.

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      Dealing With Latency in Real-Time Online Multiplayer Video Games

      How to Join

      This Tech Talk is free and open to everyone. Register on Eventbrite here to receive a link to join on Thursday, December 10, 2020, 11:00–12:00 p.m. ET.

      About the Talk

      Multiplayer video games have been growing in popularity for decades. Online video games, in particular, are a great way to have fun with friends and family from all over the world. But how do online multiplayer games work, and what sorts of challenges are encountered by game developers? Whether you’re interested in making your own game or just eager to learn about some of the techniques used to overcome these challenges, this talk is for you!

      What You’ll Learn

      • The basics of how video games work
      • How latency affects games
      • Ways we can mitigate the effects of latency

      This Talk is Designed For

      Anyone who is interested in online video games. Programming knowledge isn’t strictly necessary, but there may be one or two more technical terms used throughout the talk.

      About the Presenter

      Julian Miller is a senior software engineer at DigitalOcean who has always loved video games. He feels lucky to have had the opportunity to work on AAA titles in the past.

      To join the live Tech Talk, register here.

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      Video: Thank You Essential Data Center Workers

      Colocation, cloud and network services are at the heart of keeping us connected and the economy moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. To sustain peak performance, these services rely on the tireless and difficult work undertaken by frontline data center engineers and technicians.

      In the video below, INAP leadership shines the spotlight on our 100-plus essential data center workers, whose terrific performance enables our thousands of global customers to successfully operate their businesses through a period of immense challenge.

      Please join us in thanking them!


      At the outset of the pandemic, world governments classified certain sectors of the workforce as “essential” to the functioning of society. Along with healthcare, food service and transportation workers, data center employees were a fixture of these lists.

      Due to the behind-the-scene nature of their jobs, however, the world’s data center professionals are arguably the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 crisis. From e-learning and online gaming to telemedicine and work-from-home video conferencing, life would grind to a halt if not for data center operations teams.

      The pandemic necessitates these employees operate through less than ideal scenarios. On top of managing unprecedented surges in network demand, INAP’s data center operations team is navigating new policies and procedures implemented for their health and safety. This includes a “no access” that restricts colocation customers and non-essential vendors and contractors from entering our facilities. For a subset of our colocation customers, one result of this particular restriction has been an uptick in remote hands requests, wherein INAP technicians perform mission-critical maintenance to server and network hardware that’s normally the responsibility of the customer. It’s highlighted to our customers just how skilled our teams are at managing complex systems.

      Across the board, the team’s performance has not wavered during the pandemic. In many cases, it’s exceeded expectations.

      Our Los Angeles team, for instance, is staying on schedule with the first phase of a 1.8 MW expansion at our flagship facility in Redondo Beach, working carefully with contractors and utility companies all the while maintaining a live Tier 3 facility.

      The team’s attitude sacrifice and performance each and every one of our employees has made during the pandemic remind us how essential they are year-round, not just in times of crisis. None of us could do what we do without them.

      Ryan Hunt
      • Director of Content & Communications

      Ryan Hunt is the Director of Content & Communications. READ MORE

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